Lost in a moment

You are in a moment, you are lost, you are not aware. You are in only one place and you do not see or feel what is around you, because at that time nothing else exists but what is in front of you. Your eyes see what is in front of you, you only hear and sense what is in front of you. You do not sense time nor space, you are lost in a universe where only your laws apply. You hear and do what only seems natural.


You awake, not literally but mentally and you begin to hear things, feel things, smell things that were there before but got lost during that moment. The thing in front of you now is blended into the world that you are back in. You feel odd, like you departed from this universe into a special universe that only you could access. Now, you are back. Back into the general universe everyone else belongs to. You think about that moment, how beautiful and wonderful it was. You smile.

Fluffy Emotions

Flutter like the fluff in the sky. You wait, expecting to close your eyes and smile. Instead, an immense emotion builds inside, and you explode– with laughter. So joyful, so lost in happiness, all you think and feel is how funny that was.

It slowly settles, into giggles and tears. You sigh and smile wide, a true moment of happiness.

Ephemeral moments

Thank you for giving me the experience. These dissipating moments that only leave a slight memory of the world, not complete but still satisfying. The emotions stirred and the way these emotions change the perception with which the eyes do see. A true moment, while gone, is real no less. Recorded in the mind and will be visited once in a while just to reenact a feeling rather than the moment itself. For the moment is not one of view but one of sound and feelings stirred like no other. Thank you.

Being a Teacher

The second lecture of Week one of the Foundations of Teaching for Learning 1: Introduction course has touched on the subject of understanding what it means to be a teacher.

Here is a Think-piece [the attached image] as part of the course that shows what I am, and what I would like to be. Think Piece - What I would like to be

Thinking about this exercise has reminded me of a quote by Phil Collins,

“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.”

Become an Ambassador

Before I begin what I would like to talk about, let me first say that I have been lacking in my writing. Over the past several months I have been going through a (positive) transformation. I am learning, great things, and I am acting and applying them in my life. I have set a course and a target and feel the wheels turnings. To here is to hoping this is a beginning of a new journey that will lead to a better and more positive lifestyle and life in general.

Back to the topic at hand.

Become an ambassador to where? In my case, to my students.

I’m currently taking on a coursera.org course called Foundations of Teaching for Learning 1: Introduction. In the first lecture, this issue of being an ambassador is mentioned. Now that I think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

In order to be able to teach, and to bring in new information and knowledge to a “people” I would have to enter their world, and in some way use their means to send them my message.

The next time I enter the classroom, I will most likely think about what would an ambassador do? What will be the first course of action as an ambassador? Diplomatic mission? Treaty? Foreign Policy? I wonder.

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